Jobs Variable

Not all positions are listed below.  Some positions may be closed.  For most accurate and up-to-date available positions, call Prime Time Healthcare directly at 402-933-6700.

Discipline Specialty Shift Location
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableAK
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableAL
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableAR
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableAR
RN - Registered NurseOR/ER/TELE/PACU/SURG TECH/ICUVariableAZ
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLTC - Long Term CareVariableAZ
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableAZ
RN - Registered NurseL+D Labor and DeliveryVariableCA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableCA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableCO
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableCO
COTA- Certified Occupational Therapist AssistantVariableCO
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableCT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableCT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantLTC - Long Term CareVariableDE
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableDE
RN - Registered NurseStep DownVariableFL
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableFL
RN - Registered NurseER - Emergency RoomVariableGA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableGA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseVariableGA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantVariableGA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableHI
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantVariableHI
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableHI
RN - Registered NurseOR - Operating RoomVariableIA
SCRUB - Surgical TechnologistSurgical TechVariableIA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableIA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableID
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableIL
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableIN
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableIN
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableIN
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableKS
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableKS
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableKS
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableKY
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableKY
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableLA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableLA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableMA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableMA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableMD
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableME
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableME
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableMI
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableMI
RN - Registered NurseOBVariableMN
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableMN
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLTC - Long Term CareVariableMN
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantLTC - Long Term CareVariableMO
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableMO
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableMS
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableMS
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableMT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantVariableMT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableNC
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseVariableNC
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableNC
PTA- Physical Therapist AssistantVariableNC
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLTC - Long Term CareVariableND
RN - Registered NurseER - Emergency RoomVariableND
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseIV CertifiedVariableND
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableND
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableND
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableNE
RN - Registered NurseER - Emergency RoomVariableNH
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableNH
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableNH
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableNJ
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableNJ
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableNM
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableNV
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableNY
RN - Registered NurseL+D Labor and DeliveryVariableOK
RN - Registered NurseICU - Intensive Care UnitVariableOK
RN - Registered NursePACU - Post Anaesthetic Care UnitVariableOK
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableOK
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantLTC - Long Term CareVariableOR
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLTC - Long Term CareVariableOR
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariablePA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableSC
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableSD
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableSD
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableTN
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableTN
RN - Registered NursePsychVariableTX
RN - Registered NurseER - Emergency RoomVariableTX
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableTX
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableTX
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableUT
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableUT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableVA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableVA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseVariableVT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableVT
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableVT
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableWA
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseVariableWA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableWA
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableWI
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantCNAVariableWV
LPN - Licensed Practical NurseLPNVariableWV
CNA - Certified Nursing AssistantVariableWY





PRIME TIME HEALTHCARE Leader in CNA, LPN, RN, and Therapy Assignments

Leader in CNA, LPN, RN, and Therapy Assignments


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