, Kathleen

    1.       What is your favorite part about working with Prime Time Healthcare?
     My Favorite part is feeling Like I have a GREAT team supporting me at all times. As a first time traveler,  that was very important to me.  It felt Scary, but Jeff has been super supportive and extremely valuable helping me to Navigate this new time of Adventure. 
    2.      Which state has been your favorite place to travel and why?  
    This is my First ever assignment. But I have loved everything about this assignment! The views are stunning, and the people are friendly and really help you to feel at home. 
     3.      How many states have you traveled to? Where do you want to go next?
In my personal life I traveled to many different States as I grew up an Airforce Brat, Married an Airman, and now have a son in the Airforce. 
I would love to go to the West Coast as I have only passed through Colorado once as a child. . My Son is stationed right now in Northern California. But I also love the South and so honestly, I am open to anywhere I am needed.

     4.      What advice would you give a new traveler?
     Stay open minded. Ask questions if your not sure. Communicate frequently with your recruiter not just for questions or concerns, but for positive feedback on your assignments as well. Be Adventurous while staying safe!
     5.      What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
     My Favorite thing to do is to explore the region I am assigned it. It is so fun to go on a local adventure and find Breathtaking views and quaint local estabishments!
     6.      Where is the best place you have eaten while on assignment?
I would have to say a place in Brattleboro called: "The Marina." Beautiful restaurant on the water with Great food and atmosphere.   For Chinese, I would ONLY eat at Panasia in Brattleboro,  VT. Absolutely the best tasting cuisine, best atmosphere and service.

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