What is your favorite part about working with Prime Time Healthcare?
My favorite part about working with PTH is that I know I’m taken care of and they feel like family to me. 
Which state has been your favorite place to travel and why?  
Each state has a beauty if it’s own, but probably New Hampshire because New England has so much history to appreciate and there’s so much to do and see nearby. 
How many states have you traveled too? Where do you want to go next?
Ive been to about 4 states now. I’m hoping my 5th state to be Arizona during the winter time! 
What advice would you give a new traveler?
Find a recruiter that goes out of their way to try to build a trusting relationship with you. If they’re willing to put in the effort now, it means they’re willing to always do their best and be there for you. I wouldn’t trade mine for anyone else (Thanks Tyler T.) Also, have a list of questions to ask during your phone interview ready! 
What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
My favorite thing to do in my free time is to hike and eat. I love the feeling of being on top of a mountain breathing in the fresh air and having a belly full of delicious food. 
Where is the best place you have eaten while on assignment?
During my assignment in New Hampshire, I was able to take a trip to Portland, Maine. Hands down, Maine has the best food. For breakfast there’s The Holy Donut, they are donuts made from Maine potatoes. There’s also a restaurant there called Eventide Oyster Co. They have THE best lobster rolls. It’s trademarked, if that tells ya anything! 

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