Packing For Your Travel Assignment

May 31, 2017

Over packing for your travel assignment can lead to more stress, heavier luggage and less room for you to bring new items back home! Nursing has its perks of low maintenance work clothes- scrubs every day! So instead of getting frazzled over how many of your favorite tops are going to fit into your suitcase or if you’ll have to pay for overages on your luggage weight, pack lighter and smarter!

Check the weather.

The weather may differ from what you expected during your new assignment. For example, if you’re placed in Flagstaff, Arizona you may be expecting dry and hot weather. When you get there you will discover it will snow even though there is 110 degree weather a few hours away. Be prepared and check the weather before you go to eliminate an excess amount of “just in case pieces” or packing for the wrong season.

One of each.

Start by laying out everything you plan on bringing or think you might need for your travels. If you notice you have five pairs of jeans, cut it in half and only bring two pairs. Have two white tees packed? Bring one. Once you get to your assignment you won’t be missing any of the items you left at home. Why pack items that will only stay in the bottom of your suitcase?

Travel Size Toiletries.

You can save so much room in your suitcase by running to the store and purchasing travel size toiletries! Keep it light on bringing full size items and make sure to double check airport regulations on liquids, etc. Wait to purchase bigger necessities like shampoo and conditioner once you arrive to your assignment. Instead of bringing your entire makeup collection or shaving kit consolidate by grabbing your favorites and only fill your dopp kit with the essentials.

Shop There.

Remember that there will be stores available to you wherever you travel. And if there aren’t, you have Wi-Fi! You are better off leaving items at home you are unsure if you will ever use and waiting to get it when you get to your location or ordering it online. Who knows, the time might not ever come and you saved yourself bringing something you didn’t need!
Written by
Dallas Petereit
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