Practicing Self-Care While on Assignment

May 17, 2017

Self Care
We all know that traveling is not only physically exhausting but mentally as well. From driving cross country, flying all day, or dealing with hotels we know there can be stress involved. We want your travels to be filled with exciting new opportunities and good times! Here are some ways to shake the stress off while enjoying your travel experience.
Take time for yourself.
You spend your entire shift taking care of others and putting their needs before your own. Doing this not only helps saving lives but also leaves a long-lasting impression on a patient and their families. When you get off the clock don’t be afraid to take time for yourself to relax and rewind.
Spend time outside.
Sometimes we forget to simply go outside and enjoy the weather. Whenever faced with the opportunity to eat your lunch outside, do it! Make it a priority to spend some time outside, whether it be 5 minutes or an hour. The Vitamin C will treat you well while leaving you refreshed and ready to finish grinding through the week!
Ask for help if you need it.
Life happens and we are here to help! If you come across a bump in the road reach out to your Recruiter. They can assist you in finding a solution to the problem!
Going to the gym five days a week may not be for everyone. Remember there are other ways to get your exercise in! From yoga at home, jogging around the local park, cleaning your house, walking to work, or dancing with your friends on a night out, there are so many options!
Eat a balanced diet.
Who doesn’t love to indulge in a greasy cheeseburger or pizza after work? Not only is it absolutely delicious but it is quick and simple to pick up on your way home. A lot of people choose this route because they are too tired to shop, cook and clean up after working all day. Eating healthy and being conscious of what you are eating will increase your energy levels and improve your mood.
Written by
Dallas Petereit
Social Media Specialist


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