Self Care Awareness for Healthcare Professionals

Sep 1, 2020

There are no words to describe 2020. We are all just doing what we can to survive. It's been a stressful year, especially those of us who work in healthcare. We get so busy taking care of others; we forget to look in the mirror and take care of ourselves. We all know what we're supposed to do… eat right, exercise regularly, get those ever-elusive eight hours of sleep. We might all be dreaming of a two-week tropical vacation to get away from it all; however, we don't all have the time for an elaborate vacation, but self-care doesn't have to take two weeks or even an hour. It can be a simple five minutes... September is Self Care Awareness Month and we're here to walk you through a 30-day challenge in the name of taking care of yourself. Each day in September, we want you to take a small piece of your day and focus on you. Each activity will only ask you to dedicate 15 minutes or less.

Tag us in your photos, use the hashtag #PrimeTimeChallenge and let's all get well together.

1. Hydrate -- Drink an extra glass of water!
2. Give yourself a compliment -- We are often our own worst enemies. Be kind to you.
3. Self massage your legs
4. Step outside -- Get that vitamin D.
5. Wash your face
6. Enjoy your favorite snack.
7. Moisturize -- Your body also needs to be hydrated.
8. Pick up one room -- Maybe you're home and there's that one closet or maybe you're on assignment and your hotel room refrigerator needs a little love. A clean space can lead to a clean mind.
9. Video chat or call a loved one -- call that friend you haven't spoken to in ages and never forget to call your momma!
10. Draw something -- even if you're not good at it, it can release some tension and stress. Simple Flower? Your dog back home? Your next travel destination -- draw it out.
11. Stretch -- roll back those shoulders, rotate those ankles, get out those kinks!
12. Put on your favorite outfit and take that selfie -- We've all been rockin' that quarantined look and we're always down for an excuse to look and feel good.
13. Watch a funny Youtube video -- and while you're at it, send us the SFW ones; we love a good laugh.
14. Clean out your phone -- delete all those screenshots you accidentally take of your home screen, delete the apps you don't use. Free up that space and free your mind! ;)
15. Don't rush through your shower -- okay, maybe don't send us a picture of this one. But enjoy your shower really get in there, do a little extra exfoliating, and just relax and then tell us how much better you feel afterwards.
16. Turn off those screens -- even if it's just for five minutes. Just give your mind and your eyes that break.
17. Pet your cat or dog or pet or a fluffy rug or pillow -- it might seem insane, but that tactile touch can be very calming!
18. Close your eyes for 15 minutes (Maybe set the alarm for this one).
19. Go for a walk -- okay, we admit it. Exercise is good for you.
20. Journal -- write about your day. Good, bad, indifferent, just reflect.
21. Put on an upbeat song and dance -- If you need a recommendation, we're still a sucker for "Happy by Pharrell."
22. Eat a healthy snack!
23. Do one task you've been procrastinating -- Go ahead, make that doctor's appointment for yourself, go through that stack of mail, throw out all the trash in your car!
24. Wear something comfy -- take off those scrubs, throw on your favorite sweatpants and just feel good.
25. Make yourself a playlist that makes you happy -- find 10 songs you can listen to later down the road when you need a pick me up!
26. Just Breathe -- Take 5 or 10 minutes and listen to your breath.
27. Enjoy your favorite beverage at its intended temperature -- We're all guilty of letting that cup of coffee get cold or coming back to the ice melted in that sweet tea we got ourselves...six hours ago.
28. Light a candle or turn your wax melts.
29. Stay Positive -- Think of five things you are grateful for.
30. Your choice -- Self-care is all about you! What makes you feel good? Is it a home-cooked meal? Maybe you need to play the piano. Perhaps you want to read a book or rewatch that clip of your favorite movie for the millionth time.

What's the thing you go to when you want to feel good? We want to know!!
Written by
Stefanie Baguian
Digital Communication Specialist


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