What is your favorite part about working with Prime Time Healthcare?
Going to the places I ask for. My recruiter is my rock. The way Prime time looks after me while out. Steve has rescued me many times. From breaking down in my car, to talking to me about personal issues. Calming me down. When my dad was put on hospice an I left an assignment to go be with him. Prime time stood by me.   

Which state has been your favorite place to travel and why?  
Well in South Dakota for the 4th time .  It’s just different.  Beautiful.  Come see!! Hard to explain.  But I call it HOME  

How many states have you traveled too? Where do you want to go next?
South Dakota 4 times,  West Virginia twice, Nebraska twice. Worked my home state Missouri twice. Always nice to be closer to granddaughters and family. Baby 5 !! Coming march 2021. Must be on assignment in Missouri..that’s my daughter that’s having baby 5!  

What advice would you give a new traveler?
Be open minded. Be safe. Be grateful. The place you go to..they need you. Be kind an gracious. When I’m out, my rule..find 1 thing you love about where you are. Then find 2..etc..make it home. Don’t take a huge amount of stuff. Hit your local thrift stores. Helps their community.  I take my pillows, blankets. Probably don’t follow my own advice very well..learn the history of your town. Its amazing. Make friends!! Walk in proud. Prime time has your back. The one thing I would love to really   say is to remember we are guests in their house. We don’t go in trying to take over. We go to help. It’s not always easy. But do your amazing best ever self.  Leave them wanting more of you!! 

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? 
Hiking. Scaring Steve smith is always fun. I’m in rapid city ,SD..he knows what’s coming. 

Where is the best place you have eaten while on assignment?
South Dakota has a pizza restaurant..yum..I ate once a week in Harrisonville mo at roosters was fabulous. And the staff understood I might fall asleep at table after 12 hour shift.  Those little places that are hidden.  Go find them. 

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