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Aug 1, 2020

We’re extremely excited. We’ve known for a long time, and we’ve won awards here in Omaha, but for the first time, it’s official on a national level. We’re a Great Place to Work! That’s not just for our corporate employees either. We’re great for all of our traveling healthcare professionals, too! Prime Time is the place to find your next assignment. So, maybe you’re new to the idea traveling, or perhaps you’re a seasoned traveler looking for a new company to go with and you’re just wondering what makes Prime Time tick. Check out below for some frequently asked questions on what to expect when you sign on to be a part of the Prime Time Family.

What’s the First Step?

Fill out an application! It only takes a few minutes!

What comes next?

A recruiter will reach out and help you to complete your full profile.

How long will it take to find an assignment?

Once your profile is complete and you have a current license in the state you want to travel to, your recruiter can start actively looking for your first assignment.

How much experience do I need?

For CNAs and LPNs, we typically ask for one year of experience. For RNs, we ask for two years of experience.

How long is a typical contract?

PTH offers various contract lengths from 4 to 13-week assignments. We also offer some per diem for those who are interested!

Can I pick my location?

Absolutely! We work with facilities nationwide and encourage you to choose positions that interest you!

I’m looking for a job in a particular city -- Can you help me with that?

We’re looking! Our account managers are continually bringing in new opportunities. If you don’t see the perfect opportunity on our website, reach out to your recruiter. Sometimes the jobs are so hot; they never make it on to our website.

What are the state licensing requirements for my assignment?

Your recruiter will advise you on the specific needs of that state in which you have chosen to take an assignment!

How does PTH prepare me for my assignments?

Once you have an assignment, your recruiter will confirm your start date, shift, unit, pay rate, and pay plan. You will receive a packet with all the information you will need to start. If you need anything during your assignment, Prime Time will be there to help you.

What are meals and incidentals?

When you travel more than 50 miles from home, M&I is designed to be a reimbursement for the daily cost of food and incidentals.

How does housing work?

If you travel 50 miles outside of your permanent address, a few things could happen. The facility could provide housing, Prime Time could find housing for you and pay for it, or Prime Time could offer a stipend, and you can find your own housing.

How many hours per week will I work?

Most assignments come with a minimum of 36 hours per week guaranteed. You may work hours beyond your guarantee, depending on the facilities' needs.

When is payday?

All Prime Time Travelers are paid through weekly direct deposit on Fridays!

What if a facility wants to extend my contract?

If you are enjoying the assignment and the facility asks you to extend, you are more than welcome to extend it. If not, there is no requirement, and we can help you find the next assignment!

Can I travel with my family or pets?

Of course!! Sharing an adventure with those you love is the best part! If you choose to do this, just let your recruiter know before you confirm your next assignment!

How do referrals work?

If you love working with us so much that you want to refer a friend, we reward that! Once they complete 13 weeks of contracts, we will pay you $500!

Does PTH Provide Healthcare?

We do! A recruiter can go over all the details!

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